Tips to Modernize Your Washroom


Sensors are a good way to add some technology to the washroom to modernize it. They make things a lot more convenient and the sensors allow for minimalism with the removal of certain valves or knobs. Additionally, it minimizes unnecessary contact with the appliances which helps maintain a safer and cleaner washroom. Washroom appliances with a built-in sensor that you can purchase from us include taps, soap dispensers, hand dryers and flushes.

Water closets

Water closets (commonly known as toilets) are usually the centre of the washroom. Therefore, having a modern water closet is important. Adding a bidet toilet seat is a small upgrade but it adds a big difference as it adds convenience and eliminates the need to have an external bidet which frees up more wall space and gives it the minimal and modern aesthetic.

Other than that, installing a wall hung water closets or back to wall water closets gives the modern and minimalist look due to the illusion of having more floor space. Alternatively, you can also install one piece water closets or close couple water closets as these still have that sought after aesthetic compared to the typical water closets you see.


To have a modern shower experience, you should have a rain shower. As its name suggests, rain showers give the feel of showering under the rain. A rain shower coupled with a shower mixer will definitely up the modern feel of the shower and give you an enjoyable shower experience to destress after a long day. Depending on your shower, this can be done by changing the shower rose, changing the shower post or changing the hand shower.

Wash Basins

Basin mixers are another good way to elevate the look of your washroom. Compared to a typical cold tap or basin tap, basin mixers add a certain level of class with the option of having hot water. If you’re into the fine details, changing the typical waste or drain of your wash basin to a push up waste is also a good way to add a modern and minimalist aesthetic. The push up waste eliminates the need to have a stopper to hold water and removes the visible drain holes.

Floor Grating

Similar to the drain of the wash basin, the floor grating is pretty important if you’re looking into the fine details. Changing from a typical plastic floor grating to a stainless steel floor grating or to a decorative floor grating can contribute a lot to the modern and minimalist aesthetic. 

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